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Stock includes:
Large quantities of Slabs, Burl Slabs & Burl Slices.
Boards from 50mm to 325mm wide, 20mm - 100mm thick.
Beams up to 5.5 metres long.
Colours from creamy white through to rich red/burgundy/purple & pink.

We are BIG time Myrtle lovers.


Figured Myrtle Burl
myrtle burl
Figured Myrtle Boards
Myrtle Figured
Myrtle Boards
Pink Myrtle Boards
Myrtle Boards
pink myrtle
Freshly cut Myrtle boards
Freshly cut myrtle

Myrtle Boards & Beams

Quilted White Myrtle

Red Myrtle
Quilted White Myrtle

Myrtle slab with Burls #3
Myrtle Burl Slab
Myrtle Sample Stock myrtle burl slab 2

Myrtle Burl Slab #5

Myrtle Slab 3

Polished Myrtle Burl Slab #6

myrtle burl slab

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